Mil-Spec Fasteners

Synergix offers a wide variety of Military Specification fasteners, including MS, NAS, AN and NASM. Below is a small portion of the most popular Mil-Spec parts available from stock!

Bolts & Screws Nuts Washers Inserts & Rivets Cable Ties & Others
MIL-DTL-1824 MIL-DTL-1222 MS-9321-4 MS-122-076 MS3367-1
MIL-DTL-18240 MIL-DTL-1222 MS-9321-5 MS-122-077 MS3367-2
MIL-S-1222H MS-21042-02 MS-9321-6 MS-122-078 MS3367-3
MS16995-1 MS-21042-3 MS-9321-7 MS-122-079 MS3367-4
MS16995-2 MS-21042-4 MS-9321-8 MS-122-080 MS3367-5
MS16995-3 MS-21042-04 MS-9321-9 MS-122-081 MS3367-6
MS16995-4 MS-21042-5 MS-9321-10 MS-122-082 MS3367-7
MS16995-9 MS-21042-6 MS-9321-11 MS-122-083 MS3367-10
MS16995-10 MS-21042-06 MS-9321-12 MS-122-084 MS3367-11
MS16995-11 MS-21042-08 MS-9321-13 MS-122-085 MS3367-13
MS16995-12 MS-21043-3 MS-9321-14 MS-122-086 MS3367-19
MS16995-13 MS-21043-4 MS-9321-15 MS-122-087 MS3367-21
MS16995-16 MS-21043-04 MS-9549-4 MS-122-88 MS3367-22
MS16995-17 MS-21043-5 MS-9549-5 MS-122-89 MS3367-23
MS16995-18 MS-21043-06 MS-9549-6 MS-122-90 MS3367-24
MS16995-19 MS-21043-6 MS-9549-7 MS-122-91 MS3367-25
MS16995-20 MS-21043-08 MS-9549-8 MS-122-92 MS3367-29
MS16995-21 MS21044-C02 MS-9549-9 MS-122-94 -
MS16995-25 MS-21044-C3 MS-9549-10 MS-122-095 -
MS16995-26 MS-21044-C04 MS-9549-11 MS-122-115 -
MS16995-27 MS21044-C4 MS-9549-12 MS-122-116 -
MS16995-28 MS-21044-C4 MS-9549-13 MS-122-117 -
MS16995-29 MS21044-C6 MS-9549-14 MS-122-118 -
MS16995-30 MS-21044-C06 MS-9549-15 MS-122-119 -
MS16995-35 MS21044-C7 MS-9549-16 MS-122-120 -
MS16995-36 MS-21044-C08 MS-14151-1 MS-122-121 -
MS16995-37 MS-21044-N3 MS-14151-2 MS-122-122 -
MS16995-38 MS-21044-N04 MS-14151-3 MS-122-123 -
MS16995-39 MS-21044-N4 MS-14151-4 MS-122-124 -
MS16995-40 MS-21044-N06 MS-14151-5 MS-122-125 -
MS16995-41 MS-21044-N08 MS-14151-6 MS-122-126 -
MS16995-42 MS-21044-N8 MS15795-801 MS-122-127 -
MS16995-47 MS-21044-N10 MS15795-801B MS-122-128 -
MS16995-48 MS-21045-3 MS15795-802 MS-122-129 -
MS16995-49 MS-21045-4 MS15795-802B MS-122-130 -
MS16995-50 MS-21045-04 MS15795-803 MS-122-131 -
MS16995-51 MS-21045-5 MS15795-803B MS-122-132 -
MS16995-52 MS-21045-06 MS15795-804 MS-122-134 -
MS16995-53 MS-21045-6 MS15795-804B MS-122-135 -
MS16995-54 MS-21045-7 MS15795-805 MS-122-155 -
MS16995-55 MS-21045-08 MS15795-805B MS-122-156 -
MS16995-56 MS-21045-8 MS15795-806 MS-122-157 -
MS16995-61 MS-21045-9 MS15795-806B MS-122-158 -
MS16995-62 MS-21045-10 MS15795-807 MS-122-159 -
MS16995-63 MS-21045-12 MS15795-807B MS-122-160 -
MS16995-64 MS-21046C-3 MS15795-808 MS-122-161 -
MS16995-65 MS-21046C-04 MS15795-808B MS-122-162 -
MS16995-66 MS-21046C-4 MS15795-809 MS-122-163 -
MS16995-67 MS-21046C-6 MS15795-809B MS-122-164 -
MS16995-68 MS-21046C-06 MS15795-810 MS-122-165 -

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