ISO4017 A4 M16X35 BUMAX88

Bumax High Performance Stainless 316L Bolts, Sockets, Nuts & Washers. Stock from Singapore

SKU: BMX-C120B88 M16X35 (10pcs)

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BUMAX Bolts 8.8 OR 10.9 are a premium Swedish brand manufacturing stainless steel fasteners through cold- and hot forming as well as through machining. Bumax 316L fasteners are unique and designed for extreme environments meeting the requirements of high demanding customers and applications.

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Bumax High Performance Stainless Washers in 316L material, HV200 or HV 300 hardness. Stock from Singapore

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Wedge Lock washers ensures the best locking performances in presence of vibrations or dynamic loads. Available in standard & over size diameters. Material options varies from high strength steel to stainless A4 grade & SMO material available upon request.

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Bumax High Performance Stainless Hex Nuts in 316L material. Series includes Sockets Flat Countersunk Screw, Bolt, & Washers. Stock from Singapore

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